Basic And Affordable Shelter For Poor Community

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Nº of Families helped: 


The following activities have been carried out:

  1. Beneficiaries Selection: After the project’s approval, DHARA discussed the project with District Administration, Municipality authority, Upazila administration in both two districts Jashore and Sathkhira including with all SIC, SDF and CDF leaders and based on this , DHARA conducted base line survey, house to house contact, FGD (Focus group discussion) to select beneficiaries. In Jashore there are 30 and in Shyamnager 20 families.
  2. Land preparation: After selecting the beneficiaries, the NGO started the land preparation with the help of SIC leaders and the beneficiaries.
  3. Materials Distribution: All the beneficiaries received the construction materials, 4. Construction works: The construction works continued to follow the design of the project. At present 70 % construction work have been completed. Under this project, DHARA has already started the construction of 5 two stories buildings.
  4. Attend SIC, CDF, SDF meetings: DHARA developed a wide network in these areas since 2007 to now. So, under this project, DHARA staffs attended every meeting to know the activities led by SIC, SDF and CDF and also shared their knowledge and responsibilities about the betterment of the project.