Build 25 safe low cost houses to shermen family

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Organisation for Community Development
Nº of Families helped: 

The project aimed at building 25 safe low-cost dwellings and making safer houses (disaster resistant and free from sea high tide inundation) in favour of shermen families living in 4 coastal villages of Kalkulam Taluk, Kanyakumari district, state of Tamil Nadu.

The average area of each dwelling that has been built is 39 sqm’s. The foundations are made of sand, cement and solid Quarry waste stones. The oor is made of sand and cement. Walls are made of sand and cement binding and reinforcements. The roof is made of Ferro-cement sheets and wooden reapers.

Some bene ciaries have breached the agreement and presented their concerns on leaving from the listing of bene ciaries of building construction. As a result, the NGO had to select new bene ciaries. The other participating families contributed their labor voluntarily and supported the masons and carpenters during the house construction.