Conociendo y mejorando la vivienda en J.C.M.

Year Execution: 
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Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano Cenca
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According to the schedule of activities, informal meetings were started to publicize the objectives and methodology of CENCA’s work with the community. At the same time, workshops were held to work on the history of the neighbourhoods, organizing families. Another moment of training and organization of the participating families was referred to the workshops of “Communal gardens”, with the aim that the population have more technical elements for the construction of orchards and gardens. At the beginning of March, the rst list of families with which to work the habilitation of their land, the design and construction of the wooden modules was settled. Before starting the works to prepare the land for the construction and installation of the housing module, a representative of the family signs a Letter of Commitment by which they undertake to continue with the improvement of the neighbourhood in solidarity and not to sell the module, they sign an Act of compliance with the work. 20 wooden modules have been built so far.