Construct 50 Latrines For Urban Slum Community

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Vizhuthukal Trust
Nº of Families helped: 


Vizhuthukal Trust started implementing the project in March, 2021. The team members visited the seven slums and gathered the community members for an orientation program in each slum.
The NGO has conducted three water and sanitation committee meetings in all village to explain the importance of complete the project in time and ask the cooperation of all the watsan committee members. VT also organised a series of meetings with the family members of beneficiaries. The purpose was to explain the key components of the project and to stress the importance of their contribution in terms of providing their labour-power and participating in every aspect of the project implementation. All the beneficiaries are requested to dig two leach pits for septic tank with depth of 4 foods and with 4 food diameters and handle the materials carefully. The started the excavation work in areas marked by the NGO’s Civil Engineer for two leach bits with 4 foot depth 
X 4 foot diameter. Soon after the completion of the excavation work of septic tank, the NGO again organised the WAT-SAN Committees in seven slums and discussed the quantum of materials to be bought for the construction of septic tanks and sitting pan and fitting works, bought the door for all toilets. They bought sand, broken stones, cement, slab for toilet roof, septic tank rings, toilet sitting pan fittings. VT distributed the steel doors to all the beneficiaries and pasted the sticker displaying the serial number of toilets with project code of VT. Some of the beneficiaries have laid the septic tank rings in the excavated place near to the toilets. VT and its staff members have done their best to mobilise the local beneficiaries, local community members, members Youth Clubs and community leaders for the successful completion of toilet construction. They have initiated a participatory process with the target community involving them in the decision-making process, implementation, and monitoring of the project execution. Due to covid-19 lock down, all the companies providing cement were closed and constriction labour have also migrated to their native states.