Construction de 150 latrines

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Synergie Et Efficacite
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The following materials have been used for the construction of the improved ventilated pit toilets:
The cements used for concrete and mortar satisfied the general contradictions imposed by the regulations in force. They were of the CPJ 35 type, sands (natural sands without undesirable organic particles), gravel, reinforcement for concrete (the reinforcements for concrete will be in smooth round iron (RL) of 6 and 8, the PVC ventilation pipes of 100 (OKOLAST NORMALIZED brand, the small anti - fly, the agglomerated bricks in cements of 12, the sheets of 2 meters, the metal points, the washers for the metal points the points of 80, the following species were used: for the shuttering boards (Ayous) and for the lime cover slats (Sapeli) for whitewashing the 150 improved ventilated pit latrines. Families have participated in the construction of solutions. They dug pits for the construction of the toilets, provided local materials, facilitated the transport of materials to the construction sites of the toilets, supplied water to the site, provided assistance to workers in the construction of the toilets, gave food rations for workers during construction.