Construction des maisons pour 50 familles pauvres

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The project has been carried out in the rural locality of Kimpeti in the outskirts of the city of Kinshasa (95 kilometers away from the city center).
The objective of this project was to improve the housing conditions of 28 vulnerable families living from agriculture by building new homes made of sustainable materials (bricks made of portland cement, iron bars, pebbles, wood, metal sheets) that could provide decent housing for families and thus improved their living space and enhanced their human dignity. Each built house has an area of 4 m x 5 m (in total 20 sqm’s) and has a front door, a door leading to the bedroom and two windows.

The NGO encountered several problems when executing the project. The rst one was the high cost of transport due to the distance between the execution place and the materials’ supply place. The second one was related to the locally made bricks who broke too easy, the solution to that issue was to make cement bricks.

The families provided water and sand for the project and helped to secure the materials. They also provi- ded food to the masons.