Eau potable pour des familles vulnérables.

Year Execution: 
Congo (Kinshasa)
Organization in Charge: 
Association Wa Maman Amka
Nº of Families helped: 

For the selection of bene ciaries, the Association used the following criteria : Being a vulnerable family living in the Nkafu district and facing the problem of lack of water on the plot. Own a dwelling in the site. Make sure bene ciaries have valid documents or plot titles accepted by REGIDESO to be connected to drinking water. Being in a situation of extreme poverty. In urban areas, and more particularly in the city of Bukavu, to be connected to drinking water by the REGIDESO service, it is essential to have documents proving that the plot or house where the connection is owned by the person requesting the drinking water connection. To do this, it must have one of the following documents : the certi cate of ownership, the certi cate of occupancy of a house or a residential or commercial plot. The notice of drinking water connection is worth USD 100 of which USD 60 are to be paid to the treasury public and USD 40 for the descent on the ground in order to carry out the measurements of its plot and determine the location of the draw-off point.