End of 2014 Projects cycle

In September we will have completed most of our 2014 projects. More than 90% of funds have already been transferred to 60 projects in 41 countries to finance all activities and works that were planned.
Our PMT (project management team) is ready to process the information that will be sent by our local partners on September 15, and to analyze outcomes of each project. Local partners worked hard throughout this year to address the challenges faced during implementation in order to obtain the best results. Again this year we notice that many projects managed to do even more that what we expected in December 2013, when we began planning our collaboration. More families and communities now have a decent shelter, a healthier environment or a better neighbourhood, because local organizations, municipalities, professionals, partners and most important- poor communities and families put all their effort and enthusiasm to the task of building better homes and cities in our developing world.

During these final weeks, when we are closing our 2014 project cycle, there still is some time to catch up on some pending tasks and close our projects in a meaningful way. We should publicly recognize the contribution of all participants, reflect on what went well and what we could have done better, and maybe celebrate with ceremonies and symbols that reflect the cultural diversity of our 60 projects environment.

A good way to close our 2014 SELAVIP projects cycle!