Equipement de cinq (5) villages en WASH

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Programme for Integral and Sustainable Development in Africa
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The project made it possible to build 3 water wells supplied by generators and 40 latrines, made of final materials. Regarding the boreholes, they are 45m deep. The drilling followed the following path: Step 1. Finding the water point (implantation) : for this activity, PRODIDA used the service of a geophysical study office for the choice of the site. Step 2. Drilling: It is that of the actual realization of the wells.

It consisted in drilling on the chosen site until obtaining water whose minimum flow rate corresponds to the national standard which is 0.700m3 / h. Step 3. Development / pumping. Step 4. The construction of the superstructure: This superstructure includes the realization of the polytank support, the coping where the pump is placed, a protective wall, anti-mud area, a dehulling channel and sewage flow. Step 5. Fixing the pump. The latrines are 10 meters deep. It is a Turkish toilet characterized by a hole in the floor, arranged with a tiled slab enhanced by steps with septic tanks.