Home For Covid 19 Affected Migrant Families

Year Execution: 
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Voc Rural Development Centre - Vocrdc
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The project is in the final phase of work, VOCRDC had put much effort to complete the full finished houses according to the project schedule within the stipulated time. All the targeted houses have been constructed until now. Of the 45 of the most deserving migrant population in the project, all the beneficiaries have been involved the house construction. The plastering and painting of walls and fittings works will also been done by the 1st week of September 2021. And the houses will be ready to be occupied by the 2nd week of September 2021. As since the first phase of work, VOCRDC has formed the Project Implementation & Monitoring Committee (PIMC) and the members were visited several times. Feedbacks and the opinion about the project activities among the women beneficiaries have also been reviewed by the Secretary and the project’s Director of VOCRDC. In a final discussion made on 23.08.2021, the beneficiaries have cooperated with the NGO very well in all the processes and expressed their heart felting gratitude to SELAVIP.

The Valedictory function is likely to be planned for the 2nd week of September 2021 with a grand function and opening ceremony of new houses. This project received support from local authorities. The land’s approval of land was done by the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) and the housing plan approval was done by the local Civic governance authorities. The Electricity Department (TNEB) helped to provide electricity connection for each of the houses. However, during the months of May and June 2021 the state of Tamilnadu has come under Lockdown due to the Novel Corona virus – COVID 19. By mid May 2021 to 1st week of June 2021, the state’ government has announced the periodical lock downs with relaxation measures, hence the shops for construction materials, hardware items were getting closed.