Home For Sustainable Changes (Hfs)

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
The Fuller Center for Housing, Inc.
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In the scope of this project, the aim target is the people considered as more vulnerable both socially, economically and active member of associations at the locality such FVMV, FITAHIANA and TAFO LANIA. Those associations had proposed the list of the families to the NGO Fuller center for housing Madagascar. They organized a seminar for the families to make them know the project and its expected impacts in short and long term. After that session, those who were persuaded took the application form; they filled out and returned it to the NGO Fuller center for housing Madagascar. After the reception of the documents from the interested families, the team of the NGO had proceeded a visit to check the informations and valided the demand if criteria were filled. The criteria are: low income families whose revenue was under US $2 per day per person and didn’t benefit public health care. In that kind social class, we prioritized the widow, single mother, family with disabled person living inside, elders and those who dwelt at the home of relatives or education center. The NGO’s partners and association continue to accompany them for a year to ensure their livelihood. Before having started the building, a training about the reception and the use of construction materials was given to the beneficiaries, the local volunteers who ensured the monitoring, the masons and their assistants. To incite the beneficiaries to the saving, the NGO Cornerstone helped them to gather and to create a community fund. This approach can help them to access to a financial support from the microfinance institution. For the public administration, the chiefs of “fokontany” (=neighborhood) had facilited at the deliverance of documents to the preparation of construction authorization. Thirty homes has been built in time in spite of the disruption due to the Covid-19 spread. They are solid houses because the foundation is made with rubble, gravel, ciment and sand. The corner is in concrete, the wall by brick. The roof is made with sheet. The donation in materials to help some families to have rooms adapted to their real needs remains the particularity of this project. That’s why 30% of the beneficiaries can enjoy large home without paying back charges. The mutual aid was remarkable during the implementation. The involvement of the community, the base administration permitted us to contain the effects of current inflation.