Housing & Sanitation Systems At Munda Community

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Sustainable Action for Hi-tech Achievement
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Technical Approach: All the raw materials for new houses and all the raw materials for new toilets were purchased at once at each installment and distributed among the families. The construction work of almost every house and toilet started simultaneously in the different phases of the project. The local government, NGOs, missionary fathers, forest offices, law enforcement agencies and partner agencies have cooperated to ensure that the work has been carried out properly. Necessary materials were procured and supplied in collaboration with the local people’s representatives. According to the agreement, all the money is being paid for the construction of the house and the bathroom. All kinds of raw materials are being collected from the Sundarbans in a legal way. The leafy houses are resistant to excessive rain, heat and drought. The bathrooms are helping the local people to lead a healthy life. The supply of potable water has increased since a R&O technology plant has been set up at this location. 12,000 liters of water can be filtered and supplied every day. 180 families are getting 60 liters of drinking water per day.