Housing Support For Poor Families

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Urban Poverty Alleviation Forum
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Once received the first installment on the first week of February, the NGO organized a housing project inception program inviting the Mayor of the Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City as the Chief Guest. During the program, the announcement of project was done with the distribution of the first installment to 20 families as the first phase of the housing construction. In the communities where multiple number of families are constructing their houses, the families are purchasing the construction materials in bulk so that they can reduce the delivery cost. The families have started constructing their houses. The family members are also contributing their labour support for the construction of the houses. The Community Users Groups and Women Groups which are already in place are monitoring the construction progress. The NGO, together with community people, are yet lobbying with the ward office and municipality for possible contribution as the top-up support for the beneficiary households. The NGO has been working actively engaged throughout the project for mobilization of the community users’ groups and facilitating the communities to resolve various issues. They are also closely monitoring the construction process mobilizing the technical person with support and guidance from Lumanti. During this period, being one of the key members of the Management Committee of Urban Committee Support Fund (UCSF), the NGO has also coordinated with Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City and the Management Committee of UCSF for accessing the soft loan support to the needy families who wishes to take loan for housing construction. Till date 9 families have taken loan to complete their housing construction. Mayor of the Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City is the chair and the management committee is represented by different stakeholders including UPAF, Lumanti, local women saving and credit cooperative, civil society organization and District chapter of Federation of Nepal Chamber of Commerce. With the receipt of the third installment, the NGO has released the construction fund to total 46 families out of targeted 51 families. As of now, out of total targeted 51 families, 22 families have completed their housing construction, 10 families have completed more than 90 percent of their construction, 8 families have constructed 70-80 percent of their construction, 4 families have constructed 40-70 percent of their construction and 2 families have started their houses and completed nearly 20 percent of the construction. Remaining 5 families have yet to start the construction of their houses.