Low Income Community Toilets

Year Execution: 
Sri Lanka
Organization in Charge: 
Centre for Human Resource Development
Nº of Families helped: 

The project’s locations are : Selagama East, Nagolla Janapathaya, Divilla South, Divilla North, Udagama West. Materials that were used in the framework of the project are : cement, sand, iron bars (8mm and 6mm), metal, bindings, nail and Pvc pipes, etc, the materials were transported to some point. Afterwards, the family members have carried the materials from the roadside to their house by wheelbarrow or head and shoulder. When the materials reached to the locations, the Mason Groups (there are 3 groups working in the project) started construction. The first group lays the foundation for all 20 Toilets and the second group builds the toilet with hollow blocks up to the roof slabs and plaster them. The third group plaster inside the Toilet (final finishing) and fixing doors, squatting pan and connect the PVC pipe to the Pits. The authority has presented information about the Low-Income Community Toilets at their District Development Committee meeting where the entire government department, private stockholders gathered once in a month and discuss/submit the burning problems in the district.