Mejoramientos Habitacionales Participativos

Year Execution: 
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Asociación de Vivienda Económica
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On March 10 of this year, the participation agreement in the project was signed together with the beneficiary families. As of the signing of the agreements and until May of this year, the AVE work team dedicated itself to planning the work methodology based on the 26 improvements committed and the people available to make progress more concrete. In this sense, the decision was made to start with the first part of the 6 new housing modules and the improvements of the 8 roofs, and leave for a next stage (to be executed with the second disbursement), the improvements in the 12 bathrooms and the completeness of the modules. In relation to these solutions, the delivery of water kits that include sanitary materials to complement the budgets for said improvements was negotiated with the Habitat Directorate of the Municipality of Córdoba. In addition, the start of the new housing modules was prioritized due to their construction times, as it is a traditional way of construction (wet construction), and also starting with the roofs to be able to complete them before the summer rainy season.

In parallel, steps were taken to receive donations from individuals and from companies related to the provision of materials and construction. It gave very good results since materials such as cement, blocks, aggregates, among others, were obtained.
According to the planning, at the end of May the purchase of materials began, acquiring what was necessary to start the foundations of the new modules and until the completion of the walls up to the height of the lintel. In addition, all the necessary materials were purchased to replace the roofs of the 8 beneficiary families. In each delivery of materials, families signed receipts (remittances) that record the date, characteristics and quantity of materials delivered, in order to monitor deliveries and progress. Said materials are delivered to families according to the progress they are making and based on the advice of the AVE and CEVE technical teams.

After the purchases and up to the date (June to August) progress was made in each case based on the labor contributions made by each family. In this process, the sustained commitment of families and community networks that make it possible, together with the AVE and CEVE team, to continue advancing until the completion of all the improvements committed is valued.