NGO Registration

Dear Organizations,

As you know, SELAVIP is a Foundation that for more than 4 decades has worked with hundreds of organizations around the world to finance projects in the area of Housing through grants in order to support the poorest of the poor in Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. It made possible for thousands of families to obtain basic and emergency housing, extensions and improvements to their existing homes, access to drinking water has been facilitated, as well as access to sanitation or sewer systems, latrine and toilets construction and finally the possibility of regularizing the legal tenure of the land on which they live. The dignity of people and the stability of a home are and will continue to be our source of inspiration.

Since we receive hundreds of applications seeking financial support each year, SELAVIP has sought to modernize its projects management. To this end, a new Project Management System has been created. It will allow all NGOs to register, apply, monitor the bank transfers and send the necessary information to follow up and close each initiative that has been selected more effectively and efficiently.

  • We want this system to be the tool that will allow :
  • A more fluid and orderly communication of information.
  • Avoid repeating processes that lead to loss of time and unnecessary human effort
  • Permanently access the information of each of your projects
  • Update the database of each Organization.
  • Log files securely and with more pleasant formats.
  • To democratize the relevant information, maintaining the adequate reserves of the people who have been benefited.
  • You may register more than one organization if you represent it/them.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that from this month of April, the link of the first module of this system will be available on our website ( It will allow all the organizations, foundations, neighborhood committees and other institutions with legal personality to register.

The other modules of the system will be gradually installed but will be exclusively used by Organizations whose projects have been selected.

Now we want to invite all organizations to register, as it will be a mandatory step for the call for proposals 2018.

With this, both SELAVIP and the Organizations will have the information available in an internal and private database that will allow greater fluidity and less repetition of relevant data.

Finally we wish you a lot of success in this process that will be endorsed by SELAVIP. Should you have any questions or concerns about this new process, please do not hesitate to write to We will answer you with pleasure.