Construction of Basic Units

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Nicaragua has acute and massive housing problems and a social housing policy that is not capable to address them. Initially HABITAR would explore alternatives to public programmes which could be useful to solve most urgent needs in a realistic way. But the proponents changed their approach during the development of the project and tried to obtain public subsidies for conventional houses using SELAVIP funds as initial down payment. As we could anticipate, the subsidies are still not released. Only 12 houses were built until now with funds from SELAVIP and the NGO. The remaining 38 houses will be completed when the subsidies are made available by the public system. Direct costs now are US$ 1.800. Habitar is a good NGO on the social and technical fields. The problem here (like in project 12/08, 15/08, etc) is that the NGO is reluctant to explore new ways of providing houses for the poorest and prefers a "safer" approach even in a context where conventional programs are not functioning. Contact: Ninette Morales,