Housing Improvement for Disabled Persons

Year Execution: 
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Fundacion Social Uramanta
Nº of Families helped: 

In slums where poor families have to live in very crowded conditions FSU worked with 24 families. They jointly designed and built extensions and adjustments to existing houses to favour barrier free domestic environments for mentally and physically disabled inhabitants. Walls, doors and windows were adjusted, ramps added and adequate toilets installed, to make possible that they can use the house in a proper way. FSU was in charge of technical aspects such organizing a design process with the families. No technical training was needed because most families and their neighbours work in the construction sector. People´s involvement was permanent: they approved and supervised each aspect of the building process. Participation was the key factor of this project´s success. Now persons with disabilities can be autonomous, their families also have a better life and house ownership is legalized. Contact: Miquel Cortes Bofill s.j. fsuramanta@yahoo.com