House and Community, Bati Kay

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Fundación América Solidaria, Pastoral Universitaria Haiti
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This project would initiate a sustainable process to improve basic living conditions of the population of Galèt village and its rural environment. 28 houses were built with self-help. The selection of beneficiaries was done with members of the parish considering factors such as overcrowding and precarious shelter. Some young couples were also included to help them start their married life in a decent home. Al, families were informed in open meetings to inform about the projects, discuss the models prepared by the technical staff and follow up on the project. Most building materials were bought with SELAVIP funds, but the families also contributed with rocks for foundations, poles and wood. Each household was in charge of storing the materials, provide or hire skilled labour, contribute with unskilled work and provide all tools needed to complete the building. The basic 24.5 m2 house is built with cement blocks and zinc roofing. The family could decide about issues such as localization of the house in the site and inner distribution of rooms. It is possible to improve the house by plastering the floor and walls, subdividing inner space and installing electricity. Many families already included some of these improvements during the construction. After 4 projects, a housing design is available that incorporates local knowledge and life styles. Local communities are capable of building on their own, and gradually contribute with more resources and enthusiasm to improve their settlements. Contact: Arturo Celedón