Durable Shelter for Aye Su and Kyon Hla Villages

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT)

72 Cyclone Nargis survivors who have lost their houses were provided with a durable shelter which could resist another cyclone and also can be easily repaired. 10 more units were built with other funds. AMURT technical staff with a village committee did an in-depth assessment and reviewed each individual case. The houses were prefabricated at a workshop in Aye Su to give income opportunities to local laborers. The prefabricated parts were delivered to each family and stored until the carpenters assembled the frames and positioned doors and windows. The beneficiaries fixed the roof, walls and floor. The house design utilized has been tested in other 5 villages with excellent results, especially during the monsoon season. Each house has 18,4 m2 surface including the core unit and the verandah. The façade is made of timber and the walls of treated bamboo weave. The roof is thatched with nipa palm leaves, easy to maintain and cooler than corrugated iron sheets. The houses provided the beneficiaries with a secure home after 16 month living in transitional shelters made from recycled materials saved after the storm. Health conditions improved, and bonds among villagers are stronger. They increased self-confidence to solve their own problems. Contact: Luis Alfonso Uribe laliteshananda@gmail.com