Additional romos for migrants

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Sumaq Kawsay Foundation
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In Cochabamba, many migrants settle down in precarious conditions in semi urban areas and steep hills that surround the city. For others, land is not available at all, so they have to move into the houses of relatives or friends, causing problems for them and their hosts. 35 migrant families were helped to build a bedroom in the site of their hosts so they can lead a more independent life. They were active during the whole process, from design to construction. This new bedroom is a first step that can be extended towards an incremental home in the future. With technical help from SK, they contributed labour and complementary funds needed. The Project had an important impact at a family level, for all those directly benefitted are now eager to continue completing their houses. The community is confident that the strategy applied will make possible to deal with other urgent problems, and more families want to be part of it in the future. The concept of housing as a right of the poor is now being discussed at a city level. An event was organized in October to inaugurate the houses, and to showcase this project as a feasible way to deal with migrations in Cochabamba. Contact: Lic. Hernán Arellano Urey