Participation for Housing Development

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Movimiento Comunal Nicaragüense

MCM promotes community work, participation and political empowerment of local groups and municipalities. Now they help them to participate of an important process to discuss the implementation of the National Housing Law, its diffusion to the potential beneficiaries and the creation of mechanisms to organize the demand for housing in the context of this new legal framework. The project made possible to involve 52 municipalities in several activities such as meetings and seminars, a 2-days national workshop, training of 27 community leaders and technical assistance to housing cooperatives. National authorities from the housing sector and important local representatives also attended many of these events. MCM now expects local governments to fight for the right to housing within their municipalities. The implementation of this project promoted an open discussion about housing for the poor in NIcaragua, and is mobilizing groups in slums and poor neighbourhoods to organize and demand land and shelter. The cooperative movement is also participating as affiliates now demand that the lower income sectors can also access housing. Contact: José A. Amador