Safe Housing for Vulnerable Families

Year Execution: 
Congo (Kinshasa)
Organization in Charge: 
Congregation Saint Sacrement

The Congregation helped very poor families in need of shelter to move into safe areas of Kikwit where natural disasters are less frequent. 20 families received assistance secure land and then to improve their roofs. Bricks were locally provided by the community. The strategy was to associate members of the local community and potential beneficiaries in order to organize them all with the purpose of implementing the project. After a very effective participation during the building process, the families now want to continue improving and maintaining their homes. The construction not only benefitted the selected families, but also had a positive impact on all people connected with –or informed of- this initiative. Social inclusion was achieved and many supplementary activities took place within Kikwit, such as visits to the new houses, reports in the local press and workshops to motivate the Congregation to continue implementing social work. This first project made possible for the Congregation to acquire capacities to build more houses in the future. Contact: Fr. Jean Pierre LAKIKA,