Scaling Up Community Led Initiatives

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People´s Process on Housing and Poverty in Zambia
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The overall goal here is to provide basic houses to poor and homeless communities. For management purpose, the whole construction process was split into phases. The first phase targeted 40 families which are highly diverse, most of them being widows, retirees, elderly and destitute. An incremental approach in line with affordability levels of the beneficiaries was adopted. This means that all the units are one roomed and families will later on extend their houses as affordability allows them. The idea of one room makes it easier for beneficiaries to service their loans. Families are involved in actual building with help from those with building skills. Besides trainings in bricklaying, most federation members in Mongu are learning through the building process. An outcome is the growing relationship between the federation and the Local authority from the start. Key areas which the Local Authority has supported are: approval of the plan, provision of technical support and opening up of the roads. The local authority now recognizes that it is possible to work with the poor and their organizations. Other 29 houses are at different advanced levels of construction with some at near completion. It is hoped that the first phase of the project will be completed in December. Contact: Nelson Ncube