Land Tenure for Flood Victims in Talomo

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
San Lorenzo Ruiz Socio-economic Development Found. Inc.
Nº of Families helped: 

SALORSED in cooperation with the Local Government Unit of Davao City and the local Church had secured land ownership and housing for 22 families temporarily living in tents and occupying the San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish ground from July to December 2009. Houses made up of coco lumber and bamboos were constructed for the evacuees. The families were also given a start -up capital of US$300 to purchase tools for construction as they were mostly engaged as skilled workers in construction firms. Through the assistance of the Philippine Support Service Agencies, the Association was able to learn about the Concrete Interlocking Block, a housing material designed by the Habitat for Humanity -Philippines. A total of 5 thousand blocks were already produced and prepared for installation. Two major activities will be implemented until November 2010: the completion of housing construction for 40 families, for which materials are already secured, and a Project Reflection Workshop which will take place on November 20. The project made possible that SALORSED is now known as an NGO partner of the Government in providing relocation sites for families in high risk areas who will opt for voluntary relocation. An average of 20 clients comeg every week to inquire and enlist themselves. Savings for housing is intensified as well. Contact: Demetrio P. Dawa