Mujeres para el mejoramiento de viviendas

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Cooperativa Multiactiva Sumaj Kawsay R.L.
Nº of Families helped: 

For the development of this project, an alliance was established between the Cooperatives of Construction Women “Sumaj Kawsay” and “Horneras”. Once the quarantine period began and since the transfer of SELAVIP arrived in the middle of the quarantine period with suspension of activities, it was agreed with the families participating in the project that they begin with the development of the previous construction tasks in their homes and with construction materials acquired with own resources, achieving progress in the execution of work in 13 of the 35 homes in the project. Once the con nement measures were made more exible, the consensus with the families participating in the Cooperatives has been reaf rmed to comply with the deadlines established by SELAVIP and assumed by them. At the moment, of the total of 36 participating families : 29 families progress according to the schedule and will conclude on September 15. The missing jobs are ceramic tiles, placed of doors, windows and artifact installation sanitary. 6 families are with advances between 45% to 50% comprising the reinforced and emptying of slabs lightened.