Women and Children are Prevented from Sexual Abuse

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Servites Of The Poor
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The project has started in February. Located in Periyapalayam town in Thiruvallur District of Tamilnadu State, the project aimed to construct 12 houses for the homeless and 45 household toilets in order to resolve sanitation related issues and problems as well as homelessness. The average size of the toilet is 5’X5’ and the proposed new dwelling size will be not less than 15’X10’. For the construction material such as blue metal, manufactured sand, cement, hallow blocks, cement jolly, windows and doors, closet, pipelines and ttings, septic cement rounds and cover are being used used. The local administration is managed by the elected village President and a band of Counselors. Prior to the initiation of the project, SERVITES approached this team and secured their involvement and contribution in terms of supply of water for the construction of the toilets and new dwellings.