Human Rights & Dignity Restored through Sanitation

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SHARE & CARE (Centre for Social Education & Action)
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The main objective of the project, located in the state of Tamilnadu and that started in March, is to safeguard the urban poor from the dilapidated houses and to secure dignity through sanitation facilities. These toilets were constructed with material such as bluemetal of different size for foundation, cement hallow blocks for raising walls, pipes and ttings to hold the ceiling, cement jolly for ventilation, closet, septic tank rounds and cover cement and manufactured sand for plastering. The NGO is now busy with the building of the extensions. Water scarcity is a big problem in this area. One of the problems faced by the people of this area is water. Without water, construction cannot go on. The municipality does not supply water the whole day. In this critical situation, the local administration assured water for construction. SHARE & CARE made it possible with their close relationship with the Counsellor.