Vivienda con saneamiento y tenencia segura (Fase2)

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Fundación Pro Hábitat
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The purchase of materials was carried out with delay due to the sanitary situation in all the country . In the case of Cochabamba, there were circulation restrictions, during this time all administrative processes were carried out with suppliers, according to The family commitments that had been established with each of the families, this allowed to make purchases and delivery of materials at the rst opportunity, with allowed circulation. In some cases they had families having dif culties to meet their counterpart, being very affected by the consequences of quarantine due to the pandemic and not being able to carry out their economic activity. Regarding the water system, the NGO is awaiting the results of the physical, chemical, bacteriological analysis entrusted to the UMSS, which for the entire time of the quarantine the UMSS, has not been providing its services) to de ne the solution to the water system.