Housing the poor

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LUMANTI Support Group for Shelter
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The city is located at 14 kms from the Indian border. Lumanti has mobilized its community mobilizers in the targeted communities and carried out series of community meetings and interactions to form the Community User’s Groups (CUGs). The formation of the CUGs in the communities is basically aimed to promote the system of collective or bulk purchase of the construction materials through the CUGs so that the beneficiary households can get the materials in relatively cheaper rate. During The first phase, the beneficiary households in the community were provided first installment for the initiation of the housing construction organizing a program in the community. Mayor of the Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City Mr Rajesh Rao Yadav graced his presence and distributed the cheque worth NPR 75000.00 to the 19 families out of total targeted 53 who could immediately start the construction contributing their own share as well. The families who have received the first installment purchased the construction materials in bulk. The project is expected to end on December 15, 2020.