Projet de Construction des Latrines

Year Execution: 
Congo (Kinshasa)
Organization in Charge: 
Solidarite-Villages Asbl
Nº of Families helped: 

The families participated in some more or less light manual work such as the contribution of water (100%), part of the sand for construction, some rubble and light movement of materials; another part of the families were recruited either as a mason’s assistant, or as a mason, or as a digger or handler. In project management, local authorities supported the project in monitoring daily activities thanks to the Local Monitoring Committee created before the official launch of the project, they monitored the project in the field and convene meetings with the organization, and other non-profit organizations. The administrative authority at the level of the Town Hall (technical services, humanitarian actions and infrastructure and Public Works, Mayor of the city) followed from their office through reports shared with them by the head of the incorporated group of Kagando.