Wash Services In Urban Slums Of Bangladesh

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Water and Life Bangladesh
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The project’s objective is to sustainably improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of urban slums of Chattogram through access to essential services – namely access to in-home tap water and access to private latrines. The project is carried out by E&V’s local branch Water and Life Bangladesh (W&L), and by its operational partner Shobar Jonno Pani Ltd. (SJP), a local social enterprise to implement and manage the services deployed. The said project had to be extended up to 31/12/2021 due to the pandemic situation (lockdown).

The project updates are:

  1. Regarding the construction of the 24 latrines, 20 could be installed in 9NB (83% achievement rate). Since the service is based on active participation of the users, the service promotion has been slowed down and some families lost interest in the service, especially in the context of Covid-19 sanitary and economic crisis. In the meantime, the service extension has been put on hold in order to reassess its feasibility. The ‘sanitation service evaluation survey’ has started and took delay due to the frequent lockdowns imposed by the Bangladeshi government interrupting the activities of the field staff.
  2. Regardding the construction of 150 individual water systems in CNB slum, the household could not be connected so far. However, 40% of the network could be built. Indeed, service field operations faced different challenges to continue the expansion as expected (COVID-19 pandemic interrupting major communication with local authorities, political interferences, lockdowns...). In the past months, the linkage between the W&L water system and the public authorities’ network - commonly called ‘bulk meter’ was installed. A pipeline of 40 meters was erected along the road from the bulk meter to the entrance of the slum, under the permission of the municipality. A protective cage was mounted at the top of the bulk meter in order to avoid any piracy, a common practise by illegal water resellers. Inside the slum, the platforms to welcome the water meters were cemented and will be soon furnished with meters and cluster cages. Additionally, the electricity contract was signed with the local authority to supply power to the water pump (to be installed soon).