70 Maisons Grâce Au Recyclage Du Plastique

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Mékong Plus ASBL
Nº of Families helped: 


Period 1 (first 20 houses):

+ The list of beneficiaries often changes because when the poor family hopes to build the house, they have to mobilize a budget from many sources (the local authority will take responsibility for this mobilizion). And Mekong Plus combines with local authority to implement. Especially, the families build their house in a pandemic period, which the price of raw materials for building have increased everyday (especially steel) leading to the time for building will be longer than plan. The NGO was able to complete the construction of 20 houses. They supported for 2 plastic houses (before lockdown), when the government lauched lockdown policy, they were not able to transfer the plastic panels from Binh Duong City to project sites. When they installed the houses of Selavip, the government only agreed for transfering necessary things and plastic panels out of the list of need things! So they only bought the raw material from local for building. That is the reason why for Selavip, when the family mobilize enough money for building house, they could not wait for plastic panels. Since the end of July, Vietnam has entered into strict confinement.

About the insight of using recycled material: Mekong +’s plan to produce the recycled panels has been postponed sine die because of the operational costs and the investment. They argue it is more economical to source the panels from Đông Tiên factory (250km away). But there is a planned factory in Long An (150km away). Besides changing mentalities takes time. Till now 10 houses have been built with the recycled panels and the people are very satisfied. For the future they hope that about 30 % subsidized houses for the very poor will be made with the recycled panels. We must remember the subsidy covers less than 20% of the total cost and there is no way the NGO would ever want to impose the way the people build their house and what materials they use.