Logements Pour Les Familles Pauvres

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Réseau Education Pour Tous en Afrique
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The goal of the project is to build 30 new new homes, including latrines and toilets and a collective drinking water system by setting up a human-powered borehole for the benefit of 430 families. For the second phase of the project, the aim is to build 12 new new housing units, including 12 toilets for the beneficiary families. The project began with laying the foundation for each house and elevating the walls from four corners. Then, it was followed by the digging of toilet latrine pits until the slabs were made. The roofing phase and the installation of windows, and the doors will follow with the painting. Each house is built with the following materials: cement, sand, gravel, wire, paint and sheet metal. Each house has a dimension of 4 meters in length and 3.50 meters in width. As for the toilets, they are 2 meters deep and 1.20 square meters deep. Beneficiary families participated in the project by helping in kind (sand, gravel and water ...) for the construction of new housing. The families also participated in the food of the masons during the whole construction period. The problems facing the project are that of rainwater which prevents the masons from working. }The reason why there is a delay in the execution of the project is linked to the heavy rains that have fallen.