Projet Pour La Rélisation De Trois Forages Positifs

Year Execution: 
Burkina Faso
Organization in Charge: 
Association des Jeunes du Département de Léo
Nº of Families helped: 


For the implementation of the project the works of realization of the three boreholes were entrusted to a local company specialized in the field of realization of the boreholes. Regarding the participation of the beneficiaries, they provided unskilled labor on the sites of the three boreholes.. The reinforcement of the skills of the beneficiaries was carried out by a consultant (external resource person to the Youth Association of the Department of Leo) for the establishment and training members of the water point management committees (CGPE) and the Water User Associations (AUE). Awareness was raised on hygiene and sanitation by three teams of facilitators from the Youth Association of the Department of Leo. The results of the project are:

1. The three positive boreholes were carried out in the project coverage area.
2. The 1,750 families from farming hamlets in the villages of: FIDO, OUTOULON and SISSILY are affected by the project activities
3. At least more than 17,500 people are directly affected by project activities in all three villages of the project coverage area, namely: Fido, Outouloun and Sissily.