Emergency Houses

Year Execution: 
El Salvador
Organization in Charge: 
Techo Salvador (Ts)
Nº of Families helped: 

The project implemented by TS had the twofold purpose of building emergency housing and promoting volunteer work among university students to sensitize them on prevailing poverty and homelessness. In a community of the Municipality of Santa Ana, small houses for 20 families were constructed. These 18 m2 units basically match the design of mediaguas that are manufactured in Chile with prefabricated wooden panels and roofing of galvanized iron sheets. They are put on a base supported by 12 stilts, and have one door and three windows. The construction was carried out during the first half of this year. Beneficiaries were actively involved in site preparation and construction of the mediaguas, in partnership with volunteers. After construction, a planning committee was created with volunteers and community leaders, to address new challenges. They are now lobbying to install water in the settlement with public resources. Savings groups were formed. Municipal authorities pledged support for these new projects.

Evaluation of the houses built in Santa Ana showed that in order to improve quality and durability of the shack, the wooden panels should be replaced by fiber cement panels in future projects. TS reports that this change will increase duration of the house from 10 to 20 years. With support from a private company, 50 new homes will be built in a nearby Municipality by November.