Adding Space to Small Houses

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Fondo Solidario de la Vivienda
Nº of Families helped: 

Many poor households live in precarious conditions in informal settlements of Malvinas Argentinas area, Cordoba. Overcrowding and lack of privacy cause severe social and family problems. For 2 years SELAVIP has been helping Fondo Solidario to provide better homes to these families. 12 new households were helped to add one room to their houses. Each family previously signed an agreement. Participation was very active both at a family and community level. It was possible for the families to achieve a better quality of life. Solidarity and group work are now part of the community lifestyle and they look forward to start new initiatives to have a better environment. The beneficiaries will integrate a non profit civil association that will implement community driven projects. After financing this NGO and their work with the group for some years we now appreciate that the purpose was achieved to begin a sustainable process that can continue in the future. Contact: Hno.Mario Herrera,