Basic Sanitary Units

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Fundacion Pro Hábitat
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In an area of Cochabamba where basic services are not available, Pro-Habitat is working to improve unhealthy environmental conditions. They had already built safe water systems for 8 communities. Now they constructed toilets for very poor families combining SELAVIP resources with other funds. 20 families built ecological toilets and 58 families now have conventional septic tanks or can connect to public sewerage systems. They are acquiring knowledge and skills that can now also be applied to improve other parts of their houses. Women are particularly interested to participate in the project, after overcoming obstacles and prejudices of their husbands. The community would like to consider this project a part of a comprehensive urban development initiative. Because of its successful results it is now considered as a possibility to be replicated in other areas. PROHABITAT presented the experience on sanitary upgrading and "eco- toilets" at a national level. First they shared it with credit institutions to promote investment in similar projects that could improve health in peripheral urban sectors. During a workshop on decentralized ecologic sanitation, its outcomes were also evaluated as very positive. Contact: Antonia Terrazas