Basic Services for the Community Monseñor Romero

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El Salvador
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Potable water would be provided to 90 families living in a piece of land land they invaded years ago. After a preliminary permit was obtained, topographical studies were completed and a layout plan prepared so the water system could be approved and implemented. Permits were granted by the public water service (Administración Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (ANDA), and all technical studies and plans are ready to start. But now part of the land has been occupied illegally by local farmers for agricultural purposes (planting beans and other vegetables). FUNDASAL is helping the resident families to recover the land, advocating at the highest institutional level. Until the problem is solved, the building of infrastructure cannot start, so a time extension was requested to finish the project. The group and FUNDASAL have good connections with key persons within government, so it should be possible to complete the project in the near future. Contact: Ismael Castro