"Beggars" Enclave

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HUSSAINI Foundation Pakistan
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Homeless families of the Northwest region of Sindh known as "beggars" because of their past occupation, settled on a piece of land granted by the local municipality. 39 families (14 more than planned) comprising 267 people, directly benefitted from this project that helped them build small houses. The houses are completed, and toilets are in place thanks to the positive attitude of the families, who put all their energy and resources into the construction, despite being illiterate and living in such harsh conditions. The collaboration with Hussaini Foundation was permanent: they provided new ideas to the design of houses, turned in all legal documentation to comply with requisites, and even presentedthemselves in front of district government whenever needed during legal hearings. The direct socio-economic impact is visible; they acquired a sense of organized living and now accept that to improve their lives they have to work together. This project has wider impact than Hussaini had anticipated: the Government of Pakistan adopted a similar scheme for their rural housing project within the Poverty Elevation Program. Hussaini received recognition from different sections of society. On 11th September a festival was arranged by the community, and town officials visited and congratulated them for the results obtained. Contact: Hassan Abdul Hussein hm-sct@max.com.pk