Community Alternatives to Forced Evictions

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Center on Housing Rights & Evictions COHRE


COHRE worked to create awareness about housing and land rights among people facing forced evictions in urban Cambodia. Initially community leaders were to be trained as trainers, but their knowledge of human right and land laws was more limited than anticipated. Therefore COHRE decided to involve local NGOs working in the housing rights sector, and prepare a Training Manual as a tool for them to work with communities. The project provides resources and training to the local NGO constituency that will, in turn, be able to train grassroots communities. This strategy resulted in the development of a team of specialised local trainers,
conversant in national and international land and housing laws and prepared to negotiate with governments and companies involved in forced evictions. These trainers will work at a community level more effectively in the local language and with a broader reach than initially planned. While visiting this projects we perceived limited possibilities for the poor to influence urban redevelopment and that the scale of intervention needs to be revised. Contact: Dan Nicholson