Construction of Houses for Siblings and Abandoned Women

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
Jesuit Residence, Loyola School

Because of difficulties to transfer funds to Soudan the project started late, and is implemented in about 30% by now. Regular programs of the Jesuits in Wau traditionally focus on education. When they intended to educate by grass root activities and visits, housing needs of the poorest of poor became evident. By now, nine single roomed houses were built with mud bricks and corrugated iron sheet roofing for extended families mostly headed by widows. They all participated by helping to prepare bricks or build walls. Another ten houses were repaired, mainly by replacing the original grass roof by zinc or plastic sheets. Zinc roofing reduced the danger of fire not only for the families but also for their neighbours. People are now cooperating more because they are gradually learning about the value of having a better house, particularly with a zinc roof instead of grass. Realizing that decent housing is not only for the rich, they are also beginning to save some money to improve their houses. The fact that the Church cares for their material needs gives them hope for a better future and leads to a sustainable progress. The project will be completed before December. Contact: Fr. Albert Said sj