Cristo Roga

Year Execution: 
Organization in Charge: 
CEPAG & Servicio de Voluntariado Social.

CEPAG and SERVOS improved housing and living conditions of families in 2 areas of Asunción. Volunteers, the communities and the selected beneficiaries helped to build 36 new houses. The project is delayed because the volunteers´ work had to be interrupted during winter holidays. A city wide sanitary emergency stopped all activities for 45 days, and there were difficulties to build in winter because of the heavy rain. Still, there was a substantial progress and the project will be finished before December. An effective saving system is in place. Activities to motivate and train volunteers were implemented in 4 schools of Asunción, and 150 young students are working in the field. CEPAG mentions that the young people who are collaborating with the project are now conscious of the problems of the poor and their exclusion in the traditional society of Paraguay. Their commitment to improve social justice is one of the most important outcomes of this project. Contact: Margarita Alcaráz,