Habitat for Vulnerable Population in Yaoundé

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Collectif Interafricain des Habitants CIAH Cameroun
Nº of Families helped: 

To alleviate the problems of the urban poor who are in constant threat of eviction, this project assisted some of them in the process of building their homes. After discussing selection criteria with the community, 17 very poor families were offered to enter the project. They organized a committee where they could express their priorities and propose technical alternatives, mainly to repair their roofing. Public programmes in Cameroun do not consider participation, so this project offers an unique possibility for the poor to decide and contribute to the improvement of their homes and environment. There have been constant discussions and exchange of opinions during the implementation of the project, with an impact on public opinion. The rights to housing and a healthy environment have become central issues of national debate, and poor communities are now aware of these rights. This small project also showed to the communities, local authorities and other national entities that it is possible to create access to housing for the poor, by extending this kind of action to the rest of the population. International NGOs visited the project and an article was published in the journal Rooftops/Abri International Canada. Contact: Franck Olivier Kouamé Mbarga franck01kouame@yahoo.fr