Homes for the Homeless

Year Execution: 
Sri Lanka
Organization in Charge: 
Canada - Sri Lanka Life Development Centre
Nº of Families helped: 

The project provided long-term developmental care for Tsunami affected and homeless people. Some modifications were made to the original agreement because there was no land available for some families who had no place to settle. SELAVIP authorized that a part of the funds should be used to buy a piece of land. CSLDC planned to implement the project in 2 phases. The first step was to purchase 28 pieces of lands for homeless families in Hambantota district, Southern Sri Lanka. 28 poorest homeless families and tsunami affected families were selected. Unfortunately, due to the Sri Lanka’s political turmoil and terrorism it took almost two and half months more than expected to gather the information and to complete the selection process. CSLDC also identified the site and subdivided it into 28 parcels. All administrative conditions have been met and documentation is in place. The sites have been given to selected families. Unfortunately the second component- building of 42 small houses for other families in dire need - was delayed because funds did not arrive in time. Now CSLDC is working with maximum speeds to complete the project by December. Contact: Rev. W. Pangnasara