Housing and Community Participation

Year Execution: 
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IDEA- Institute for Development Education & Action
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SELAVIP visited this project which started an upgrading process in Narela settlement, where families evicted from Lakshmi Nagar in 2002 live in precarious conditions. The community was mobilized by IDEA to demand basic services and amenities that contribute to the progress of Narela. The project upgraded shelter for 51 families – one more than agreed - who urgently needed to improve their precarious dwellings or to build new units in very small 10 m2 stands that the government provides within the settlement. Each family receives successive installments to buy building materials and to implement the construction. We could observe positive results even in very small plots. The construction work has generated interest and enthusiasm, not only among the actual beneficiaries but also among neighbours.. Nearly 100 families with housing problems now also want to improve their shelter. The community is organized and trained to make this possible. Cost effective housing models were developed which are replicable in other communities, and experience is available to extend the process. Future challenges are not only in the area of housing but also refer to rehabilitation of community facilities and services. Contact: Rabial Mallick rabial@cal.vsnl.net.in