Housing and Community Participation

Year Execution: 
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IDEA- Institute for Development Education & Action
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After looking at IDEA´s successful interventions in previous years, many other homeless families requested help to improve their homes. 60 “new” poor families in Narela are now assisted to build houses at a cost of US$ 550 each, with support from SELAVIP. They directly participated in the project from the planning stages on. They gained a right to access help because they were active members of the community, and their neighbours recognize that they are very poor. So far construction of 20 low-cost houses has been completed while 11 more houses will be finished in the next days. The project would come to a closure in December 2010. However, IDEA has been receiving requests from more evicted families who have received stands in Narela and do not have resources to occupy them. They will process further requests and formulate proposals in the future. The community is mobilized against eviction and the community leaders are aware of their rights related to land and housing. They gained skill on formation of cooperative housing. The collaborating organization i.e. Urban Poor Forum, New Delhi, has played a pivotal role in this project. As a result of this collaboration, many evicted families have been granted resettlement plots. The project has full cooperation and support of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The positive impacts are recognized not only among the community but also by social scientists, economists, intellectuals and political leaders. Unfortunately Mr. Rabial Mallick, Director of iDEA, passed away this year, so Ms. Lalitha is now in charge of the project. Contact: Lalitha s.a. lalithasa10@gmail.com