Housing for Families Stigmatised by HIV/AIDS

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Congo (Kinshasa)
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While visiting the project we noticed how difficult it is for the poor to survive in this area affected by internal war and violence. For families with members with AIDS vulnerability and social rejection makes life even harder. They are excluded from education, health assistance and work opportunities. The beneficiaries of the project are 20 extremely poor families of that group, who have no possibilities to access shelter, food, schooling and other resources. A piece of land and a modest house made possible for them to start a new life. UPASSO - an NGO integrated by women concerned with gender equalityworked with them to implement the project and motivated the surrounding community to accept them. The funds were used to finance small plots, building materials, transportation costs and documentation required for construction. Houses were built in 6 months with the collaboration of the families. Many problems persist but families can now have a safe place to dwell and eventually deal with other issues that affect their welfare. They are now slowly becoming accepted by the village and the houses will secure a better future for the children if their sick parents pass away. Contact: Mme. MWAVITA KALUBALA upasso2@yahoo.fr