Housing Improvement for 80 Families

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Corporación Diocesana
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80 families participted in this project to improve their homes. They formed five groups to self-build their houses. The houses are finished by now. Even though the process was focused on the objective of shelter, it not only made possible to complete construction in a very satisfactory manner. By coming together, families got to know each other, built networks, and started community driven startegies that made development sustainable. This process was closely accompanied by workshops on family life, emotional intelligence, prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse, social acceptance, etc. These activities that promoted human and social values were an excellent complement to the enthusiastic collaboration of the community in the housing project. Participants realized that they are stronger as an organization, and their social skills empowered them to deal with more complex issues. This is of great importance in a country where tolerance and peace needs to be enhanced. Contact: Monseñor Jairo Uribe Jaramillo corpdiocesana@uniweb.net.co