Housing Improvements in Goma

Year Execution: 
Congo (Kinshasa)
Organization in Charge: 
Association pour le Bien-Etre des Menages ABEM
Nº of Families helped: 

About 4.000 families live in deplorable conditions in many slums of Goma. The project started with a survey showing that about 4.000 very poor families lack shelter. After seminars with beneficiaries, radio conferences and meetings with the Division of Social Affairs of North Kivu to involve government in the task of helping the poor, ABEM built the 60 houses that the project considered, with additional support of public and private entities. Houses are 5.50 by 7 m for these very large families also live with other relatives who are homeless. It was a difficult task considering that there are so many families in need. Materials had to be adjusted to existing resources and availability in Goma. The 60 families benefited by the project can now leave behind the permanent fear of being evicted and spare resources to send their children to school. At a regional level the project is being showcased by authorities as an example to address housing problems of the poor within the national program of poverty reduction. It is worth considering that ABEM could deal with inflation because the funds were received at an early time of the year and in one installment so they could buy all materials at once. Contact: Ciraba Honoré honoreciraba@yahoo.fr